3rd edition
Novotel Al Barsha
Dubai, UAE
February 24th - 25th

Important topics covered at the conference:

  • Using thermal methods to maintain the original freshness and flavour of food products.
  • Energy-efficient cold storage facilities.
  • Blockchain for tracking and monitoring food.
  • AI and robotics to enable food manufacturers to track products and match consumer demand.
  • Load-dependent model to reduce carbon emissions in cooled trucks
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration systems.
  • Propagating food safety through adoptive and preventive measures.
  • Providing versatility and greater speed in delivery via vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging systems.
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2nd edition
April 25th - 26th

Key topics discussed at the conference:

  • Growth of food distribution systems and logistics
  • Regulatory systems to quantify and regulate the maintenance of high food quality, developments and strategies for food integrity
  • Food safety and preservation across the supply chain and community
  • Reduction of massive energy consumption
  • Improved refrigeration systems and cold storage facilities
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1st edition
Septemper 27th

Key topics addressed at the event:

  • The reduction in electricity usage and costs
  • The increased demand for green technologies to be incorporated in the cold storage industry
  • The ‘last-mile’ problem
  • Retrofitting refrigerants, containing refrigerant leaks
  • Understanding and tackling the issue of contaminated refrigerants
  • Efficient digital commercial refrigeration units and smart appliances
  • Quality regulations to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint
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