danfoss 111Danfoss has launched a new mobile app ChillerROI that aims to help the customer to compare chiller solutions and simplify the process to estimate the best long-term investment

According to Danfoss, it is very crucial to choose the right chiller for large building projects including offices, schools, hospitals and data centres, etc. The new ChillerROI app is expected to simplify the return on investment (ROI) using basic information. The customer needs to enter the parameters into the app, which will show a side-by-side comparison displaying the expected long- and short-term costs.

The ChillerROI app calculates ROI based on chiller efficiency data (IPLV), CAPEX cost (US$/tonne), chiller capacity, initial cost, local electrical rates, and expected hours of operation.

The aim is to purchase a cost-efficient chiller in the long run that help pay for the initial investment in the chiller itself. “High-efficiency chillers can have a payback time as fast as two to three years, and then continue to deliver energy savings over their lifetime,” Danfoss noted.

How it works

The customer needs to input the basic data for the project such as capacity, running time and cost of energy. Then, the customer needs to input the IPLV and CAPEX cost for chiller A. Finally, the same information should be entered for chiller B, the more efficient chiller. The app will display the ROI in a graphical form at the top of the screen.

The app is in line with Danfoss’ ambitious aim to achieve energy efficiency, cold chain reliability and reduce the overall cost of ownership, providing user-friendly solutions available on the market. Some of the new HVACR technologies include Turbocor compressors, scrolls with IDVs, Optyma condensing units, microchannel and microplate heat exchangers, ETS colibri expansion valves, TU/T2 valves and EVR solenoid valves.

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Dubai, UAE
February 24th - 25th