Venue: TBC
Date: December
Location: Dubai, UAE

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Steve Harmon

Steve Harmon
OSHA Outreach Trainer,
Industrial Consultants

Steve with a formal OSHA training, as well as his leadership in ‘on the job’ safety programs brings a great deal of information to this training. In his role as a HAZMAT safety specialist, he has been involved in the training of many national and international companies on refrigeration safety with speciality in ammonia safety programs.

Steve offers a business perspective to safety, plus his innovative HAZCOM program for a specialty arm of one of the largest companies in the U.S., gives him the ability to present your company with a unique and creative approach to the HAZMAT process related to refrigeration.

His role as a safety team leader for a major manufacturer, has uniquely prepared Steve to help your organisation become safety literate and safety savvy from a viewpoint of 'practical employee involvement'.

Steve's business experience on safety training, gives this refrigeration safety program an employee-centred approach that they will understand and implement in their daily work.