DanfossRefrigerant shortages, new refrigerant launches, price increases and tax on GWP values, and shifting regulations make it challenging for industry professionals and decision-makers to anticipate and plan for the future 

In order to help them adapt to the ever-changing refrigerant landscape, Danfoss is organising a Refrigerant Week from 18-22 September 2017. This week will put refrigerants in focus with an aim to educate and inspire professionals.

Refrigerant solutions for diverse applications 
Last October’s Kigali Summit brought more clarity to the phase-down of refrigerants with high-GWP used in HVACR. Now, Danfoss turns its attention to the impact these worldwide agreements have on OEMs and installers and how it can help bridge the gap between directives and installations. Danfoss has both the in-house expertise, product qualifications and testing facilities to provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable refrigerant solutions for a diverse set of applications, including air conditioning and food chain. Danfoss experts have already begun working side-by-side with clients at specialised application design centres to support and facilitate the transition to new and better refrigerants.
The Refrigerant Week consists of five days of planned activities and experiences designed to help HVACR professionals and decision makers understand their global and local impact. These activities are grouped into two categories:

CoolSchool: With CoolSchool, you’re invited to increase your refrigerant knowledge and discover solutions that help you adapt to the fourth refrigerant transition. Participants can watch videos, infographics, articles or participate in online webinars – there is something for everyone.

CoolTools: Danfoss has created several tools to make the 4th refrigerant transition smooth and easy. These solutions can be used to select the right refrigerant for any situation, find a compatible component, and ensure that refrigerants are installed correctly in the cooling system. 
• Download Low GWP brochure 
• Retrofit guideline 
• Coolselector2 
• Refrigerant slider

In addition to these exciting opportunities, Danfoss will also be debuting our Beat the Heat game, where participants can test their refrigerant knowledge and win fun Beat the Heat prizes.
All these activities come on top of the ones organised all-year such as the Danfoss Mobile CO2Training Unit, Meet ups at participating wholesalers and participation at symposiums and exhibitions.