Venue: TBC
Date: December
Location: Dubai, UAE

Organised by

Erwa Mudathir Mohamed

Erwa Mudathir Mohamed
Senior Food Safety Specialist,
RAS Al Khaimah Municipality

Mohamed has 10 years' of experience in food safety along with a health and safety background. Most of his experience is based in the UAE and he is working as a Senior Food Safety Specialist for Ras Al Khaimah Municipality. Previous to this he was the Hygiene in charge at Samsung Engineering and a Food & Health Inspector for Zaabeel Palace Hospitality. Mohamed holds a BSc in food and science technology and a diploma in health and safety.

He is majorly involved in reviewing new local laws, regulations and requirements relating to food safety. He also heads inspection units responsible for large food premises such as factories, catering etc. Mohamed is the focal point for notifications received from local, federal and international bodies.