Venue: TBC
Date: December
Location: Dubai, UAE

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Alexander Cohr Pachai

Alexander Cohr Pachai
Technology Manager,
Sabroe factory (Denmark) for Johnson Controls

Alexander Cohr Pachai is a senior engineer and technology manager at Sabroe Factory in Denmark. Pachai started as a refrigeration technician apprentice in 1978. Now Pachai can look back on a career where he has tried most disciplines working with education, sales, marketing, production, design, innovation and communication. Pachai was involved in the sales of the first CO2 cascade systems both in Denmark and New Zealand. Pachai is member of the RTOC under the TEAP and is the lead author for chapter 5 on Industrial Refrigeration and Heat Pump systems. and co-author and contributor in other chapters. Pachai is very active author and presenter at various conferences and workshops.