Venue: TBC
Date: December
Location: Dubai, UAE

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The 2n Edition Refrigeration Conference offers discussion-based sessions focused on putting our delegates at the center of the conversation. The conference format comprises of technical workshops and a knowledge-sharing platform along with networking opportunities with industry experts and Government regulators.

08:00 Registration and Networking
09:00 Conference Inauguration
09:15 Opening remarks by Knowledge Partner - ASHRAE – Bahrain Chapter
10:00 Keynote presentation by Public Health Directorate, – Ministry of Health – Bahrain
10:40 Networking and coffee break
  • The Formula for efficiency in hot gas defrosting
  • Future trends in Industrial Refrigeration
Carsten Dahlgaard - Global Sales Director, Danfoss, Netherlands
11:40 Effective methods to implement food safety in refrigeration
Ibrahim Alanazi , Senior Food Inspector, Saudi Food and Drug Authority
12:20 Training synopsis - Masterclass on Refrigeration Systems
12:40 Prayer and networking luncheon
14:00 Benefits of air curtains in cold storage applications
Pontus Grimberg , Export Director, Frico, Sweden
14:30 Temperature abuse in frozen food and conforming of health and hazards
Irshad Muhammad , Manager QHSE & Food Safety, Gulf Salt Company
15:00 Eurovent Middle East – an introduction
Brian Suggitt, Chairperson, Eurovent Middle East
15:30 Networking and coffee break
15:50 Non-HFC cold chain - Ghaleb Abusaa - Engineer – Arbitrator, Ghaleb Abusaa Office (GASO)
16:10 Panel Discussion
Ammonia refrigeration system – best alternative in heavy commercial applications
17:00 Closing remarks

* Invited

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Abstract of the Masterclass

Overview of refrigerants
  • History of refrigerants
  • Refrigerants’ physical properties, classification and application
  • Refrigerants safety and handling risks
  • Review HAZOP study
  • Phase out of ozone depleting refrigerants
  • List of natural refrigerants
Understanding refrigeration systems and its properties
  • Review working refrigeration cycle
  • List the components
  • Discuss vital components – compressors, condensers, heat exchangers,vessels and pumps
  • Review pipe work – standards and different materials used
  • List different types of refrigerant gas available in the market
  • Identify the best parts for ideal refrigeration systems
  • List different operational refrigeration systems available for food storage
  • Challenges and handling risks of operational systems
Refrigeration system design and its functions
  • Chillers/cold store refrigeration system design – discussion with case studies
  • Chillers/cold store insulated envelope design – discussion with case studies
  • Food process refrigeration system design with case studies
  • High temperature warehouse refrigeration design
Ammonia refrigeration systems and its importance
  • Ammonia as a refrigerant – discuss usage and properties
  • Ammonia chillers – discussion with successful examples
  • Ammonia system safety codes and guidelines
Advanced troubleshooting of refrigeration systems
  • Optimising refrigeration system
  • Energy savings and its importance – procedures
  • System design optimisation – discussion with case studies
  • Servicing and maintenance of the systems
  • Timely troubleshooting for optimum performance

Trainer's Profile: Ghaleb Abusaa

Ghaleb Abusaa

Ghaleb Abusaa
Engineer - Arbitrator

Ghaleb Abusaa has professional experience in mechanical engineering and arbitration and is a technical expert. Founder and CEO of GASO from 2015 onwards and the CEO and Founder of The Three Factors company from 2009 to 2015.

Abusaa has more than 47 years of experience in the GCC, mainly Saudi Arabia, and is involved in the following fields ranging between design, engineering, installation, testing, commissioning and commercial operation followed by operation and maintenance.

  • Refrigeration and industrial process cooling (chilled water and refrigeration systems)
  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for chilled water and refrigeration application
  • District Cooling, HVAC and related electro-mechanical ancillaries
  • Power generation, in particular CHP, CCHP, Co and tri-generation, renewable energy and Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Systems (TIAC)
  • Training, feasibility and technical studies in the aforementioned fields
  • Arbitration, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), technical opinion and contract drafting
  • Author of a dictionary “HVAC&R Terminology”
  • Research member of TC9 – ASHRAE (2000 – 2004)
  • Certified instructor in HVAC R
  • Regular writer of articles in above fields for magazines, conferences and institutions


08:00 Registration
09:00 Module 1: Best practices in consultancy food refrigeration
10:30 Networking and coffee break
10:50 Module 2: CFC HCFCs HFC Natural refrigerants ODP
Module 3: Cold store construction outlines
12:40 Prayer and networking luncheon
14:00 Module 4: High efficiency motors to save energy
Module 5: Non-HFC cold chain
16:00 Networking and coffee break
16:20 Module 6: Detailed study of pressure enthalpy char
17:00 Closing Remarks

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