Conference - 10th December 2017
Certified Training - 11th December 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Annual Refrigeration Conference offers discussion-based sessions focused on putting our delegates at the center of the conversation. The conference format comprises of technical workshops and a knowledge-sharing platform along with networking opportunities with industry experts and Government regulators.

08:00 Registration and networking
09:00 Conference inauguration
09:05 Opening remarks by Conference Chair
Ghaleb Abusaa, Engineer - Arbitrator, GASO
09:15 Overview on the ever-changing cold storage and temperature controlled logistics
09:45 Policy and market trends - UAE environmental laws and regulations
10:15 Equipment failure challenges in refrigerated transportation and delay in product handover
10:45 Coffee break and networking
11:00 Towards sustainable refrigeration in cold chain
Arvind Surange, Fellow ASHRAE, CMD, ACR Project Consultants Pv.t Ltd.
11:30 Getting a return on retrofiting your coldroom
12:00 Solar refrigeration technology & renewable energy
12:30 Prayer, conference lunch and networking
13:30 Driving Technology into Food Safety
Bobby Krishna T M, Food Studies and Planning Specialist - Food Safety Department, Dubai Municipality
14:00 Digitalisation of commercial refrigeration and automatic control
  • Cloud management systems in refrigeration, Danfoss (TBC)
14:30 Temperature abuse in frozen food and conforming of health and hazards
15:00 Coffee break and networking
15:15 Workshop A
Working in high ambient temperature - Danfoss
Workshop B
16:15 Closing remarks and end of conference

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The risks associated with the use of refrigerants in equipments can include toxicity, flammability, asphyxiation and physical hazards. Although refrigerants can pose one or more of these risks; system design and engineering controls mitigate these risks. Employers must ensure that personnel who handle refrigerants are well trained to avoid accidents at the work place.

To learn the best practices in refrigeration safety we will review ideas on:

  • When to call a formal evacuation and set up a response based on the HAZWHOPER standards and discuss the benefits of an emergency response plan
  • How to understand the chemical makeup of refrigerants, we will review its properties and explosion potentials and have a hands-on class project to review the refrigerants’ chemical SDS sheet.
  • First aid procedures used in dealing with an ammonia exposure by using live examples
08:00 Registration and networking
  • Explain, how Refrigerants safety is related to what happened in Bhopal India?
    • (Show a video on Bhopal)
  • Review the HAZWHOPER Standards
10:45 Coffee break and networking
  • Explain, what is OSHA? And its impact on employee safety
  • Explain, what is the EPA’s mission? And demonstrate a plume dispersal model
  • What is PSM and RMP?
  • Discuss options during a release
    • Evacuation only
    • Evacuate and respond
12:30 Prayers, lunch and networking
  • Discuss, the list required for emergency response plan
  • Discuss, when to conduct an emergency response?
  • Explain, what is an emergency action plan?
  • Go over ammonia properties
    • (Show Seward IL release video)
  • Understanding the health hazards
  • What is the first aid for ammonia?
    • (Show the ammonia safety video)
15:00 Coffee break and networking
15:15 Class Project
Review the SDS sheet for refrigerants and fill in a chemical worksheet
  • (Show the Jose Mata story)
16:15 Closing remarks and end of the seminar

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