Refrigeration is used in food processing industries for preserving perishable items, ensuring food safety, and the nutritional content of the product. Frozen foods are in high demand, the market is driven by a growing working population demanding ready-to-eat meals as well as e-Commerce channels.

Availability of refrigeration for commercial and industrial freezing is contributing to the market growth. Busy lifestyles and increasing awareness of health eating are driving the demand for nutritious convenience food, while fresh ready to cook products are in great demand than preserved ready to eat meals. With spending on food and beverages in the UAE expected to reach an annual compound growth rate of 8% in 2018, combined with the ongoing commitment to reduce import dependency, the future of the food processing industry remains rosy. Consumer tastes and preferences constantly changing and with experience, sustainability and affordability are now more in focus than ever.

Consumption of ready-to-eat products, beverages, and frozen food has increased considerably in recent years, further boosting the demand for commercial refrigeration equipment. Rising disposable income, along with the increasing influence of western trends have fuelled the acceptance of such products among the middle-class. Evolving food consumption trends are being supported by the rapid expansion of supermarkets, hypermarkets and restaurant. Consumers are now recognizing that frozen food can be a healthier option than a lot of the packaged products. This is due to the intrinsic value of preserving nutrition due to advanced technology.

Technical Review Middle East magazine is hosting the 3rd Edition Refrigeration Conference scheduled on 24-25 February' 2019 in Dubai to address refrigeration and air-conditioning challenges faced by all stakeholders along the value chain.

The two day forum will bring the collective acumen of visionary speakers and thought leaders from across the Industry while offering new generation solutions and a platform to showcase the latest innovations from regional and international companies. There will be networking opportunities with industry experts, solution providers and government regulators. The conference will feature leading keynotes and relevant case studies sessions focused on putting our delegates at the centre of the conversation.