Venue: TBC
Date: December
Location: Dubai, UAE

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Refrigeration serving the food industry

Conference Overview

Technical Review Middle East magazine is hosting the 36 Edition Refrigeration Conference on December 2018 in Dubai, UAE. This conference will address challenges faced by the refrigeration industry and promote discussion to help existing processes to innovate and improve technology for commercial refrigerators. We aim to demonstrate how digitalization and innovation can tackle challenges of the sector like temperature abuse, retrofitting refrigerants, containing refrigerant leaks and how to avoid contaminated refrigerants, as well as working with efficient digital commercial refrigeration unit and smart appliances.





Register today and be a part of the refrigeration conversation. Sit in and deliberate with the very best of minds to hammer out top-notch solutions to technical as well as economic challenges.

Challenges to be addressed:

  • How to help existing installations in adopting the required upgrade?
  • How digitalization can tackle the challenges of indoor climate abuse?
  • How to retrofit refrigerants, refrigerant leaks and avoid contaminated refrigerants?
  • How to adopt smart refrigeration technologies for supermarkets and retail businesses?